Hosting a party can sometimes mean breaking out the fine china, your best glasses, and a beautiful spread of food & wine.   But let’s face it, no matter how fancy your dinner party is, no one wants to be left with a million glasses to be hand washed.

It didn’t take me too long to figure out that water glasses were the culprit that was adding up the glass (per guest) count very quickly.  Because after all, everyone has to stay hydrated, especially if they are being served alcohol.  However, it seemed like people were using more then one glass due to the fact that they would loose track of theirs.

CLEVER & STYLISH TRICK:  Use a pre-made hang tag with a reinforced hole and plastic glasses to serve guests water from an elegant beverage server.   Use a hole punch to create a small hole through one side of the lip of the plastic glass.  Have your guests write their name and simply tie the hang tag to the side of their water glass.


FUN FACT:  Solo cups come in more gorgeous colors then red!


*I secured each hang tag with Bakers Twine (10 inches in length) using these 5 steps:

image (1)


Plastic Cups

Hole Punch – 1/8th inch

Hang tag with reinforced hole (available here at cu-te ta-pe)

Bakers Twine (available here at urbanic)

Pen for guest to write their name


Godinger Dublin Beverage Server from Bed Bath & Beyond

By using a gorgeous etched crystal beverage server like the one above filled with cold water + lemon, you can create a lovely spot for guests to help themselves to water anytime.  Even my most finicky of guests young and old were impressed.

QUICK TIP:  Freeze lemon slices before the party to drop into the water to make it ice cold for your guests.

Now, you can enjoy your party without worrying about the extra clean up.     Just be sure to toss the plastic cups in the re-cycle bin!

I’d love to see how creative you can get with your party glasses – share your pictures with me of your plastic glasses and hang tags on instagram.   Be sure to tag #integrations @deannarussoclark

*Adorable fonts & arrows in 5 steps: created using a beautiful mess app


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