Growing up, my Grandparents had a special Orange & Lemon tree that my Grandfather hand grafted.  It produced the sweetest most sublime oranges you’ve ever tasted.  I would give anything to taste one again.   Now, my parents have their own orange tree that produces only a limited supply of heavenly oranges each year.  Because home grown oranges are unlike anything you can find in the market, I was inspired to bottle all that SWEET goodness with this simple + perfect RECIPE FOR “EASY ORANGE MARMALADE”.


My favorite way of eating fresh homemade marmalade is on a piece of toast.

1st – spread with goat cheese or cream cheese

2nd- then spread a layer of your sweet homemade orange marmalade on top

3rd – top with a sweet sliced tomato

4th – sprinkle with pepper to taste

The combination of the sweet + savory together is pure heaven.


Here is the finished result!   The only thing wrong with this recipe is…it’s almost already gone.

Until next year!

I’d love to know –  what is your favorite recipe using Orange Marmalade?



    • Thank you, I knew you would love the story. Make sure you click on the link in the 1st paragraph for the recipe to Easy Orange Marmalade (the wording is in pink). The recipe is great because there is a built in calculator that tells you the exact amount of ingredients to use based on how many oranges you have. I made mine with 2 oranges and yielded two little jars of heaven. I’m so excited to hear how it comes out. PS. Remember to stir often!

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